We’re up and running

JohnsonCongratulations on navigating your way to my website dedicated to the Taddy ‘Prominent Footballers’ cards of the early 20th century. Hopefully you will find something here of interest, even if it’s only your own team cards. Encouraged by long-time collector and enthusiast Matt Stevens, my aim is to present images of every card available together with any varieties together with the different verso or ‘back’ designs. All of this will take time, but I am already on the way; please be patient. You will also notice that many of the images that I have used are not of the best quality; this is simply because I don’t own any of these cards and I am dependent upon picking up images from the internet, so if you can produce good quality (300 dpi) scans of these cards please contact me and we’ll get them up on here to do the job in double-quick time!

In the meantime, you could do a lot worse than look up my ‘PINNACE’ football card website which IS complete … 😉




More completed teams!

IremongerI have today added the fifteen cards required to complete the sets of Leyton, Luton, Newcastle United, Northampton, Notts Forest and Plymouth Argyle. Again, my thanks go to Matt Stevens for providing the excellent images. I have only one problem here; can someone please tell me in which issue – ‘Grapnel’ or ‘Imperial’ – the Iremonger card came?*

At this point I also need to thank Brian Houghton and Adrian Sheppard for their kind offer of images; just hang fire, chaps and let’s see what Matt comes through with first. 🙂

*UPDATE: Matt has come to my rescue – again! – and provided the info that Iremonger is in fact a ‘Grapnel‘ issue.


WhitemanRight! The design, format and layout of each of the ‘Team’ pages is now set and I am simply awaiting the images. Each page follows the same format: the name of the set; the number in it; the cards themselves; the names of players who appeared in the ‘Grapnel’ issue followed by those who made the ‘Imperial’ release; there are no names for the ‘London Mixture’ 3rd series as they were only ever issued with that back and are therefore self-evident.

The last entry on each page has the totals of the cards made clear (as mentioned in the previous post)

Bring on the cards! 🙂

No footnote, footnote, or London Mix?

HancocksWhilst I haven’t yet managed to accumulate all of the images – or even the names –  of the players, I have been able to list just how many different versos (backs) you can expect to find within the teams. I am once again indebted to Matt Stevens for supplying me with this information based upon his collection and his incredible knowledge of the subject.

As a result, I have subsequently added the following information to each page:

No footnote (x) + Footnote (y) + London Mixture (z) = x+y+z cards

I am still battling to discover in which series which players were issued and whether they were Grapnel or Imperial; I guess that will be the next area for development alongside my gathering together of player images.

I’ll get there … eventually! 🙂

Decisions, decisions!

GregoryPlease bear with me. The site IS up and running but I am still agonising over the best way to set this thing up. All of the ‘Team’ pages are ‘live’ although not many contain images as yet. I am also trying to add the names of all of the players so that visitors will know who should be there, even if they currently aren’t. Where I am having difficulties is in deciding how best to present the list of names for each team; at the moment I am just banging up all and any names that I can find – thanks Alan Jenkins! – and, while many of these now bear the appendage Grapnel or Imperial I am soon going to change that to 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd series.

If you have any suggestions please get in touch via the Contact section. 🙂